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By the grace of God ,I started a prayer group on January 1, 1999. As I was praying, God impressed on my heart to start a small prayer group with joy and conviction gained by the vision. I still continued in prayer and began to preach the gospel. I and some of our pastors group would go as different groups to different places. In the evening we met at a place for reviewing and raising the work. We heard the testimonies the troubles, the problems, the failures and the victories over the oppositions and problems. We start a small congregation as house church. Then we will build the church there .

We met people in the villages and in rural areas. We found they were all poor and illiterate, 90% of them were not educated, not civilized at all – not able to live happily. When we gave them tracts and small booklets, they were not able to read them. We felt very sorry for them, but we were not able to meet what they needed. So with heavy hearts and real concern, we placed it before the Lord. We planned for educating the people in rural areas and slums. Thus we made the major part of our concern and program. We observed that they very much benefitted by this system of educating both children and adults. We also observed that this process helped them both physically and spiritually. This part of our service encouraged us very much to increase our services like Free Medical camps, Old Age Pensions, Pastors support, Educational support (Orphans)distributing cloths… so on and so forth..

We request you all to pray to God to help us, to lead us, and to bless our services among the people we serve.


What is the Gospel?


Sponsor a Pastor:
Name: Pastor. Isaiah
Age: 45 years
Place: Kakinada, A.P., India.


Sponsor a Child:
Name: Pandu
Age: 5 years
Place: Kakinada, A.P., S. India.


Sponsor a Widow/Old age:
Name: Mahalakshmi
Age: 71 years and Widow
Place: Kakinada, A.P., India.


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$4.00 each